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not the same

I feel like there are many people in the lives of adoptive families who want to try to downplay the differences our adopted children have from those who have grown up in a more stable, loving, safe, home environment.  The downplaying?  It’s… Read More


“I was mad at you when I was in China”, she tells me in a tear-choked voice using all of the English words she has picked up over the course of almost nine months.  They don’t quite manage to convey the same… Read More

rupture and repair

“Rupture and Repair” It’s how some in the adoption world describe situations that go south for whatever reason.  In some cases, it’s the child who is trying to understand the boundaries that are set, and whether or not we as the parents… Read More

To My Non-Adoptive Mama Friends

You, dear non-adoptive friend, spent months watching us wait for this child that we desperately wanted to travel for and bring home. You cheered when we got new pictures to proudly display, and you faithfully followed the blog posts that detailed all… Read More

eight months…

Fall is finally starting to attempt to battle against the forces of evil known as Texas Summer Heat. And this little pumpkin?  She’s been home EIGHT months now. Cannot believe it. Today she has preschool picture day, so we’re practicing our smile…. Read More

Mommy, you love me?

My daughter has started asking, “Mommy, you love me?” like she’s just not sure.  She’s reaching the point where the words, “love you” are starting to mean something.  For months she has said, “wuv you!” in response to our I-love-yous, and although… Read More

first day of PRESCHOOL!!

Today is a big day, y’all. This little peanut?  She is officially a PRESCHOOLER!! To Julianne’s China-mama, should you ever wonder… this baby girl is doing so well.  During these big “firsts” for her,  I always feel a twinge of loss layered… Read More

How Going to China Changed My Life

We have been home for six months and this is the first time that I’m actually sitting down and processing our trip to China. For a while, it was just too fresh, you know? The thought of any attempt in organizing my thoughts… Read More

Can I?

I hear this question more times per day than I care to count. Me to the four kids: “It’s time for lunch… let’s sit down at the table.” Julianne: “Can I?” Me to the four kids: “We’re going to go to the… Read More

Julianne {6 months home}

HALF A YEAR, Y’ALL!!! The other day the autocorrect feature on my phone made me giggle a bit… I was sitting in a chair in the playroom with two other empty chairs to my left.  Julianne came over and was insistent that I move… Read More