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happy j-day!

January 26th… ONE YEAR since we first saw our Julianne! Some call it “gotcha” day.  Nope.  I’m not going that route.  That day was HARD.  Hard for us, hard for her.  We got something, and it was a lot of anxiety.  So, no. Some call it “family” day.  We’re saving that one for the day …

(mostly) Wordless Wednesday: little gymnast

Today marks one year since the day Rachel broke her arm!  I’m not so much reliving the day as celebrating that we’ve made it through a year since then with ZERO major injuries!  Woohoo! Then: Now:

the mushy, romantic post I promised.

About a week ago, I warned you that a romantic post was in the works… and then I forgot about it. Guess that’s what happens after 11 years of marriage combined with 6 years of dating for a grand total of SEVENTEEN years of being together. 🙂 So, here’s our little love story. And, appropriate …