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what’s in a name?

WE.                 HAVE. A. NAME!!!!! And yes, I do think that statement is worthy of all caps.  I do. 🙂 Matt and I have been discussing (even before we started paperwork) our list of potential… Read More

Guest Post: November the 5th

For the first time ever, I’m posting something I haven’t written myself!  A friend of mine recently saw to completion one of the most heartbreakingly joyful years of her life… and when I read what she wrote about it, I knew it… Read More

I have never truly understood “bittersweet” until today…

It is 6:15 in the morning on a Saturday, and I am wide awake.  In fact, ever since about 3:15 I have had trouble sleeping.  My mind keeps jumping back and forth between thoughts of what still needs to be done for… Read More

Cat in the Hat baby shower!

This past weekend I was one of a few hostesses helping throw a Cat in the Hat themed baby shower for my friend Alexis.  She and her husband are expecting their first baby this spring, and have chosen to NOT find out… Read More

kinda like a puppy…

My baby started crawling on Sunday evening.  Yep.  The last time I will witness the first attempt at knee-hand-forward-motion coordination.  He was awfully proud of himself. 🙂 Now, 36 hours later, I’m remember the “fun” that comes with having a newly mobile… Read More

what were you doing 5 years ago???

This was the status update of a friend of mine on Facebook.  I know that his intention was to provoke thoughts of Hurricane Katrina, and to not forget the devastation that some people are still trying to recover from.  For me, though,… Read More

I just love them!

Have to have a moment when I record exactly how much I love my babies!  Today we went to our make-up swimming lesson.  Rachel and Eli were in the pool… and their personalities were really shining through. 🙂 Rachel was the daredevil. … Read More

holy moly!

48 hours from right now I should be holding a baby!  CRAZY!!! And thus ends what will probably be my shortest post ever. 🙂

the end draweth near…

Had an OB appointment this morning.  Have started to dialate, and she went ahead and scheduled my induction.  I don’t like being induced.  However, I am thankful that it’s an option.  My first baby was a week late, and still had to… Read More

deadlines & due dates

I’m finally starting to get more excited about the impending arrival of baby number 3.  I don’t know if it was having two little ones running around to distract me, or not knowing the gender, or the busy time of year (quite… Read More