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Today?  Today we celebrate the fact that you are now SIX!!! You waited a long time to be six, my girl.  It seemed like a much longer wait that the norm, probably because your older brother was six during the whole year… Read More

so sweet, and SIX!

We don’t do parties every year for our munchkins.  We’ve decided that now we’re even with 2 girls and 2 boys, we’ll just alternate; every other year is a “boy party” year, and the alternating years will be “girl party” years. This… Read More


We celebrated a 5th birthday in the house last week, but this week it’s a 4th birthday! Our newest, and littlest, Miss JJ turned 4 today. Since she saw the whole birthday hullabaloo happen last week, she wasn’t surprised by the decorations… Read More

good gifts

Ever read The Five Love Languages? Years ago, when Matt and I were engaged, I read this book.  And, it made total sense.  All people show and receive love in different ways.  Some people love it when their main squeeze holds their… Read More