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llama lovin’

We had several of the “Llama Llama” books before we had Julianne, but out of all of our four children, she is the one who has bonded with Little Llama the most.  She LOVES the llama.  Loves him.  Every time she has… Read More

Book Review: Bringing Lucy Home

Confession:  I’m not really sure what goes into a book review.  I actually asked Google, “what makes a book review good”, but then decided to just go at it on my own.  I guess I should have mentioned my lack of book… Read More


When the Galilean boy brought his bread to the Lord, what did the Lord do with it?  He broke it.  God will always break what is offered to him.  He breaks what he takes, but after breaking it he blesses and uses… Read More

need a good read?

I’ve updated my “recent good read” page.  Here’s the new info. Enjoy, and make sure to tell me what you’re reading too!  I’m always looking for something new to add to my wish list! 🙂

Book Review: Not God’s Type

This really isn’t a book review at all.  It’s more just my take on it… sans the analysis that often accompanies book reviews.  Since I don’t consider myself to be an “academic”, or “critic”… take is for what it is… just my… Read More

books for a new year

I’ve been on a “fast” from fiction since the end of last February.  That includes Christian fiction, which I was an avid reader of.  It was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be.  I’ll go more into that when… Read More

books vs movies

I am so very disappointed right now.  I currently am on a kick where I am enjoying reading about the “outlaw history” of the state of Texas.  Never cared much about it, even though I’ve lived a good many years in the… Read More

The Screwtape Letters

Alright, the long awaited (ha, that was meant to be funny) book review from my POV on The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis.  Let me just start by saying, I’m NOT one of those “Lewis fanatics” that are easy to find in… Read More

i’m workin’ on it!

I have another post coming soon… a book review.  But, it might take a day or two to complete. (Courtney, you will understand, you were there last night!)  Things are crazy around here, and there is precious little time to actually THINK!  So, if… Read More