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blessings piled high

Mother’s Day 2005:  I was beginning to think that maybe being a mom was something for me.  Up until this point, I wasn’t sure that I really wanted any kids at all!  I taught middle school kiddies all day, and by the… Read More

girl time!

If there’s something I’m feeling as we get closer and closer to traveling to get Julianne, it’s the need to spend more one-on-one time with my kids.  With the goal of spending at least one “date” with each kid individually before travel,… Read More

dolls and swords

The differences between my 3.5 year old daughter and my 2.5 year old son are becoming more obvious by the week. Today, Rachel asked me to help her dress her doll in a onesie I gave her that doesn’t fit Brady.  Actually,… Read More

butterfly invasion!

I have recently been hit with a “updating bug” concerning my house and its appearance.  Nothing major… I’m not going out on a furniture shopping spree, or re-tiling the kitchen or anything!  I’ve just wanted to add small touches to rooms to… Read More

and then something happens, that makes me feel grateful!

Again, I will re-hash the fact that my three year old is giving up naps.  Today I realized that when I was pregnant with our second child, Rachel went from two naps a day, down to one.  At that point, I was… Read More

the two sides of Mother’s Day

It has taken me 29 years to figure this out.  I’m just glad that it happened that early.  I think a lot of people never come to this realization for themselves… but rather, just merrily (and sometimes obliviously) chug along with their lives.  My… Read More

a really random day…

Today was a random day.  Lots of stuff in my head, lots of stuff happening.  First:  the dishwasher broke.  Yep.  All of that hard water build up from before the water softener finally had it’s heyday.  We discovered this when we awoke… Read More

Eli’s speech update

So, we just had our “intake” session with an early interventionist.  She mostly asked me a lot of questions, and played with Eli to see where he was at.  She said based on her observations, he’s borderline for needing speech services.  She’s… Read More

one of the best things…

One of the best things in my life is when my 2 year old daughter throws her arms around my neck and says, “I love you, Mommy”.

decisions, decisions…

Decision #1: Last fall, I decided to put Rachel on the waiting list for a local preschool program.  I figured, I wasn’t really ready for her to start last fall, but maybe by this spring, I would be ready.  The lady called… Read More