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the fish will live another day

We have a beta fish.  Don’t get me started on “why”.  I know, I know, a 2 year old and a 1 year old are not capable of taking care of a fish… it was an impulse buy. So, lately I have… Read More

the ickies, a time out, and my new obsession.

We are (as a family) finally overcoming the “ickies”.  Starting Christmas Day, we all started to feel a little yuck.  Which turned quickly into very yuck.  It all has to do with the treacherous Texas mountain cedar season.  Oh yeah, serious allergies… Read More

the email i dreaded all day…

All day long I have been checking my email, praying that I wouldn’t get an update email about Hannah because I knew it would be to say that she had gone to be with Jesus.  At the same time, I was clinging… Read More

my heart is breaking…

So, the little girl I’ve written updates on periodically… I got a little while ago what is probably her last update.  Her parents both wrote a note explaining that the doctors don’t know what else to do for Hannah.  She is too… Read More

pieces of memories

It’s December 26th.  The birthday of Sarah Frances (a friend), and the day after Christmas.  I already am forgetting what happened yesterday, so this is just pieces of what I remember, and what I would like to remember. *  When we decorated… Read More

Thanksgiving drama

Every Thanksgiving (in my recollection of 12 years with the family, there’s only been one exception)  my husband’s family has a big gathering at his parents house and we all eat, play games, and visit.  It’s fun times.  This year was very promising. … Read More