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learning her story {why you keep me forever?}

“Mom?  Why you keep me forever?” The question is happening all the time now.  She loves to retell the story about how we went SO FAR, allllll the way to China to get her.  How we saw her and said, “awwww”, and… Read More


If I could hashtag my thoughts right now, this is what it would be. We are quickly approaching the our One Year mark with Julianne, and I can’t help but reminisce a bit  a lot. I find myself thinking about what her… Read More

Ayi For a Day Kit {50 for 50 in 5 weeks}

Excited to share an opportunity from my friend Kelly at My Overthinking.  If you’ve ever wondered what you could possibly do when it comes to orphan care and the massive NEED that exists, take a look at this.  It’s a small way… Read More

How Going to China Changed My Life

We have been home for six months and this is the first time that I’m actually sitting down and processing our trip to China. For a while, it was just too fresh, you know? The thought of any attempt in organizing my thoughts… Read More

Julianne {three months home}

We landed, home-sweet-home, on February 5th of this year. Today is May 5th… so we’ve officially made it through a quarter of a year! Seems a little surreal to me… that we’ve been home with this girl for three months.  They have… Read More

Book Review: Bringing Lucy Home

Confession:  I’m not really sure what goes into a book review.  I actually asked Google, “what makes a book review good”, but then decided to just go at it on my own.  I guess I should have mentioned my lack of book… Read More

our four-week update… {thank you, China}

Yesterday marked the 4th week of having Julianne with us.  It was the day we traveled to an office building, somewhere in the middle of Shanghai, China, and signed a bunch of papers. She was led into the room, and I couldn’t… Read More

all the things + ___________

When we were preparing for our adoption, our agency had us go through a good bit of training and education.  Seemed like it took an eternity to complete all of it, but it was good.  As with most things, the paper-ready person… Read More

obviously, I’m a history nerd

1920’s – The Roaring Twenties A time of economic boom, people living life to the fullest, most completely unaware of what is to come. 1930’s – The Great Depression The shiny bubble of false security pops.  Devastation.  Loss.  Pain. 1940’s – World… Read More

what to bring? {I have no idea what I’m doing but I hope I’m ready}

Update:  The things we brought helped us make it through our China trip, but I didn’t bring enough!  I ended up making some stuff work I found in a Chinese pharmacy!  The people there were super helpful.  Since have Miss J, we… Read More