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teaching thankfulness

Being born in America has its distinct advantages.  We definitely have freedoms beyond what most of the world could even imagine. Being born in America also has its disadvantages.  We who profess to be followers of Christ must struggle against a culture… Read More

Just a little gatorade. Spiritual gatorade, that is.

Where have I been??? Livin’ life, friends.  Just livin’ life. Being a Room Mom to my daughter’s first grade class, making sure all the little finger nails & toe nails stay trimmed in the house, making dinners (or choosing where we will… Read More

a word about self-control

Self-control. Probably one of the things I remind my kids about most… right behind using kind words. Also, one of the things I struggle the most with. I grew up singing the “fruits of the Spirit” song at church camp.  I know… Read More

plastic surgery & Christianity

I confessed a while back that I really hated my body.  Of course, I had just given birth to my third child (who, for what it’s worth, weighed in at 9 lbs, 11 oz… 5 days early).   I need to confess… Read More

Fasting: Week Two

I explained the purpose behind the fasting, length, what I’m fasting from, as well as the first 7 days HERE. Day 8:   I accidentally put sugar in my coffee this morning.  Actually dumped it out & poured a new cup.  Yup,… Read More

Fasting: Week One

On January 2nd I started a 21 day fasting time with our church.  The point of it all was to focus on specific prayer priorities, and the fasting was meant to be a constant reminder to seek the Lord. Our church did… Read More

Reynosa reflections

Yesterday my daughter and I returned from a mission trip with our church.  We were in Reynosa, Mexico, right across the border from McAllen, TX.  The area we worked in is actually between the levee built up to protect Reynosa from Rio… Read More

my hope

Election Day! I actually voted about a week ago, but today I’m feeling the Election Day nerves set in.  Like I posted on a friend’s Facebook status earlier, I have always wanted “my” candidate to win, but this year I feel more… Read More

the Day Between…

Today I found myself being a little more contemplative than usual.  My usual brain activity consists of keeping track of kids, however I had a few minutes in the car to myself this morning, and that led to slightly deeper thoughts beyond… Read More

jaime’s story

Went back to “Feed More Than Hunger”, a ministry that serves breakfast on Sundays to the homeless population in my town.  (For the story about how we started going there, read here).  This morning we were assigned to help out in the… Read More