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Over one thousand days ago I sat down with a calculator, a piece of paper, a pencil and a bruised heart. We were in the middle of the toughest days we had known to date.  Our post-adoption journey was difficult, and though… Read More

merry and bright

Last year?  Last year we skipped her preschool Christmas program because last year?  It would have been too much.  Just. Too. Much.  She would not have been able to process the amount of sensory input flooding her system.  She would have freaked… Read More

When what you think you want under the tree is a tranquilizer gun…

You don’t. I promise. I know this because I recently thought to myself, “maybe I should ask for a tranquilizer gun for Christmas…”  Not a BIG one.  Just a tiny little thing.  But enough to knock out maybe let’s say, someone in… Read More

It’s not my party {so I’ll cry}

I’m torn, y’all. Torn between the past I know my daughter has, and wanting to pretend that the past doesn’t exist in that way.  It’s a tough thing for a girl who loves history; I majored in it and taught it… it’s… Read More

finding JOY

This morning, I had had it.  You know, when you reach the point where you are just tired trying to do it all yourself?  I was there.  Actually, I’ve been there for a few days. The solution? Time with my best Friend…. Read More


Matt and I have been wanting to get a nativity set for our house for as long as we’ve been married.  We finally decided which set we wanted to start collecting, and realized, “if we collect an “adult” set before we have a… Read More

pieces of memories

It’s December 26th.  The birthday of Sarah Frances (a friend), and the day after Christmas.  I already am forgetting what happened yesterday, so this is just pieces of what I remember, and what I would like to remember. *  When we decorated… Read More

the joys of doing a service project with kids

This year, my little girl, Rachel, will turn exactly 2 1/2 on Christmas Eve.  She’s beginning to understand a lot more, so we made a decision that this year we would focus with her more on what Christmas is actually about.  Not… Read More