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Easter: 8 weeks home.

This year our Easter looks much more low-key than in years past.  Just like having an eight-week-old newborn baby might change things up, having our eight-week-old-four-year-old has changed things up a bit, but it’s good.  Really good.  She’s hearing that Jesus rose… Read More

Fasting: Week Three (final week!)

Day 15:    The highlight of the day was probably going to Life Group.  I love meeting with this group of people!  Praying for our Life Group has been something that Matt and I chose to focus on as a priority during… Read More

so, it’s been a week now…

Well, it’s been a week since I returned from the Women’s Retreat.  Actually, as I glance at the clock, I realize it been almost exactly a week, to even the hour!  So, I suppose it’s time to start writing out some of… Read More

what really matters

Lately, I have had  a really difficult time really getting into my quiet times with the Lord.  I mean, I’ve done it… but that’s it.  I haven’t really felt a desire to be doing it, it’s been mostly out of a sense… Read More

post-church musings…

I think I need to begin by being honest with myself.  Spiritually speaking, this has been a bit of a down week for me.  I have found myself preoccupied with other people’s concerns and business, I have filled my time with mindless… Read More