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in memory

I got a box delivered to our house today.  It was sent by a friend and filled with wound care materials.  You see, this family found themselves with an excess of supplies when their six year old daughter passed away last week… Read More

in memory

Last night, as I was tucking my three into bed, kissing sweet foreheads & pulling up blankets… Jesus won another victory over death. My grandpa’s earthly body died last night.  As my babies fell asleep for the night, he fell asleep and woke… Read More

death, a preschooler, and Christianity

It’s been exactly a week since we found out that my husband’s grandmother  died.  Again, it was not a shocking event as her health had greatly deteriorated in the week before her passing, but it was still sad. I was immediately faced… Read More

MPS Awareness Day

  May 15th is MPS Awareness Day.  For those of you who have never heard of this disease, you can read more by clicking on this link. I became aware of this disease last summer.  A lady I was in a Bible… Read More

hannah’s visitation

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to be attending the visitation for Hannah, the little 17 month old baby who died from complications of MPS I.  I went with 3 other ladies who were in the Bible study with me when… Read More

the email i dreaded all day…

All day long I have been checking my email, praying that I wouldn’t get an update email about Hannah because I knew it would be to say that she had gone to be with Jesus.  At the same time, I was clinging… Read More

my heart is breaking…

So, the little girl I’ve written updates on periodically… I got a little while ago what is probably her last update.  Her parents both wrote a note explaining that the doctors don’t know what else to do for Hannah.  She is too… Read More