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I’ll take that Bad Mom Award. Thanks.

When my middle child was about 15 months old, we discovered he had a host of allergies.  I knew he had SOME, but when I asked for the blood test to confirm what I suspected, I NEVER anticipated all that would show… Read More

pregnancy stuff that makes me laugh

So, when I’m pregnant, two things happen that make me laugh.  Literally, in one case. Dreams.  I have the most vivid, strange dreams.  The other night I woke up in the middle of the night laughing.  Outloud.  At something in a dream.  I remember… Read More

another “bad mommy” award for me…

Yikes… I never cease to amaze myself with the stupid stuff I am capable of doing, and without much effort. Eli, my sweet boy, has been (or as supposed to have been) on a zero-dairy, low egg diet last week, and this… Read More

live by example (in all cases???)

Okay, so I’m a big “live by example” kind of person/mom.  I think I talked about doing it a lot, but after becoming a mother my perspective started to change.  I realized to an even greater degree how important it is to… Read More

note to self: wear glasses

So, I had a Pampered Chef show last weekend.  It was TONS of fun, and totally unlike one I had done to this point.  We all got together, and ate dinner at my friends house.  It was kind of a pot-luck-y sort of… Read More

i am dum, take II

Had another Pampered Chef show last night.  It was a smaller one, which I kinda like.  Seems like the fewer the people, the more I actually get to interact with the party-goers.  So, this one was at my SIL’s house.  We made… Read More

i am dum

So, the other night I had a Pampered Chef party for a friend of mine.  It was fun, even though a bunch of people couldn’t make it last minute (note:  I will be SO glad when the tummy virus season is OVER!). … Read More