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why you may not see your adoptive family friends this Easter

Another holiday is upon us, and though this is the ONE day of the year our family values and celebrates more than others because of the sheer impact it makes on our Jesus-loving hearts, it’s still a holiday.  And we still struggle… Read More

Rupture and Repair

Rupture and repair is how, in the adoption world, we describe relationships when they experience a breaking and need to be mended. In some cases, it’s the child who is trying to understand the boundaries that are set, and whether or not we… Read More

it’s a good Friday

March 14th – 18th was Spring Break. Then a few days back to a more normal routine. Then a three-and-a-half day weekend. I’m not going to lie.  When I first saw that this long weekend was right on the heels of Spring… Read More

Easter: 8 weeks home.

This year our Easter looks much more low-key than in years past.  Just like having an eight-week-old newborn baby might change things up, having our eight-week-old-four-year-old has changed things up a bit, but it’s good.  Really good.  She’s hearing that Jesus rose… Read More

an oldie…

This day (the day before Easter) two years ago I wrote this.  I happened to think about it recently, and so decided to look it up.  FYI, it’s really funny to read things you forgot about years ago… 🙂  It’s also cool… Read More

the Day Between…

Today I found myself being a little more contemplative than usual.  My usual brain activity consists of keeping track of kids, however I had a few minutes in the car to myself this morning, and that led to slightly deeper thoughts beyond… Read More

Reply with love

Ever had anyone do something, or say something to you that really just hurt?  Please.  If you haven’t, then, really, you need to remove yourself from the bubble you live in.  We all have.  It’s just part of human nature.  Sometimes the… Read More

The Great Easter Egg Give-Away

Our lifegroup has previously done these trips.  We take the younger, non-school aged kids to one of the local nursing homes, and hand out little treats, and sometimes the kids end up singing/dancing/ whatever.  It’s lot and lots of fun… the nursing… Read More