Tag: EB Awareness Week 2015

then & now {EB Awareness Week/Orphan Sunday is coming… get ready!}

Yesterday we had Julianne’s 9-months-home pictures done.  True, it hasn’t been quite 9 months since we landed home-sweet-home on Texas soil, but… close enough, right? Got to thinking yesterday afternoon that it was the 9 month marker of one of the days… Read More

when prayers are answered {EB Awareness Week}

This summer I wrote a post for No Hands But Ours where I shared my thoughts about being a Prayer Mama. The first little one who made me a prayer mama flashed on a computer screen in front of my eyes before… Read More

Pay It Forward! {EB Awareness Week}

Epidermolysis Bullosa is a really easy condition to educate others about.  It’s so… out there… no avoiding it.  People see her, they ask questions, we answer questions. The questions and comments are a part of our life, and believe me, we’ve heard… Read More