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what to bring? {I have no idea what I’m doing but I hope I’m ready}

Update:  The things we brought helped us make it through our China trip, but I didn’t bring enough!  I ended up making some stuff work I found in a Chinese pharmacy!  The people there were super helpful.  Since have Miss J, we… Read More

Photography Friday: a pre-adoption “maternity” shoot!

I knew that at SOME point before we got Julianne, I wanted to do a family photography session, kind of a maternity session style.  I don’t have “belly pictures” of Julianne, and I never will.  Regardless, we wanted to document the waiting… Read More

Awesome August

August was an awesome month in our adoption journey.  We hit several major milestones this month, which makes it definitely a month worthy of its own post. Milestone #1:  DTC When we began this adoption journey, I kept having flashbacks to my… Read More

being “matched”

I want to record our matching process because, well, I want to. I have had this post written for a few months now, but have been waiting until I was ready to share it.  Our matching was the most difficult experience we… Read More