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a gift for myself

It has been 21 days since last you heard from me!  It’s a little difficult to believe that so much time has gone by; it really feels like much less time than that. In these past 21 days, lots has happened. Julianne… Read More

prayer & other awesome things

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Word of God?  How, when I most need it, a verse I’ve read over and over will suddenly pop out and speak to me right where I am, right when I need it…. Read More

real friends & FB friends

Last week, a girl I am an acquaintance of decided to log out of facebook for a while.  Her reasoning was that if people really cared about her, or what’s going on with her, they could call or email to talk to… Read More

phone stalking

Yes, I am officially a phone stalker.  I guess it’s okay to put that out on the web.  I’m not actually stalking anyone… well, in a way, maaaaybe… Okay, full story.  I have a friend.  We were very good friends in college. … Read More

I take back a little bit of it…

After re-reading and thinking further about my facebook commentary from earlier in the day, I’ve decided that maybe I was being a little harsh/emotional.  Not uncommon for me… I do have the unfortunate habit of acting before thinking, and that entry is… Read More

facebook… arggghhh

I’m not sure what to think about the whole facebook craze.  I recently joined in an effort to find and reconnect with people from my past.  Not just random people, but people that I had actually been good friends with.  In addition… Read More