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Busy day in South Carolina…

My family all lives in South Carolina.  Today is a really busy day on all fronts for them. 1.  My grandmother is having her past hip replacement surgery re-done.  It has degenerated to the point that it slipped out of socket and… Read More

Batman & ???

Last night, we found ourselves with nothing to do, nowhere to go.  So, I called up my in-laws and asked them if they wanted to invite us over.  And, so, they did!  We went over after dinner, and played the fantastic game… Read More

decisions, decisions…

Decision #1: Last fall, I decided to put Rachel on the waiting list for a local preschool program.  I figured, I wasn’t really ready for her to start last fall, but maybe by this spring, I would be ready.  The lady called… Read More


In time honored tradition (okay, I’ve only done it with one sibling so far, but it will become a tradition),  it’s time to dedicate a post to the birthday boy… my youngest brother, Christopher. Christopher is 12 year old today.  I can’t… Read More

naked vs. nekkid

So, an interesting conversation that just happened (and we’re about to leave to go over to some friend’s house…) Me (to Matt):  why are you walking around in your underwear? Matt:  this is what I’m wearing. Me:  well, I’m not going then…. Read More

the ickies, a time out, and my new obsession.

We are (as a family) finally overcoming the “ickies”.  Starting Christmas Day, we all started to feel a little yuck.  Which turned quickly into very yuck.  It all has to do with the treacherous Texas mountain cedar season.  Oh yeah, serious allergies… Read More

pieces of memories

It’s December 26th.  The birthday of Sarah Frances (a friend), and the day after Christmas.  I already am forgetting what happened yesterday, so this is just pieces of what I remember, and what I would like to remember. *  When we decorated… Read More

2 days down, 1 to go.

The phrase “fish and company stink in 3 days” I have determined is (for the most part) true.  Every family visit, either me going home, or my family coming to see us, has always been really good until about day 3, and… Read More

I’m so torn!! And it’s a good thing.

So, today is the BIG day!  I’m leaving this afternoon for a short trip to South Carolina for my uncle’s wedding.  I’m so excited about the wedding, and being able to help out.  He is 48 (I think!)  and has never before been… Read More