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July Gifts {Day 5 & 5 months home} + some extra sparkle

Day 5 = 3 Gifts in Persistance I apologize for the awkward title; there are so many things that need to be celebrated today!  I’m also sorry-but-not-really-sorry that my gifts seem to be mostly adoption-related.  Let’s face it, that has been our… Read More

July Gifts {Day 3}

A gift in FAMILY, FAITH, FREEDOM.  Just one?  Ugh.  Too many that I love.  🙂 It’s hard to catch this boy being still… but I love this picture from a family worship time.  Pajamas, loud praise music, laughter, dancing.  All in the presence… Read More

July Gifts {Day One}

Life is crazy right now.  Summer is in full swing and our first summer as a family of six is proving to be quite an experience.  Blogging is falling to the wayside mainly because I don’t have enough coherent thoughts to THINK… Read More

a little bit butterfly, a little bit fish

Today was a first for our little spitfire.  We took her to the neighborhood pool, and well, she loved it! She loves bath time, so I wasn’t worried about her being afraid of the water.  We took it easy, letting Dad walk… Read More

Easter: 8 weeks home.

This year our Easter looks much more low-key than in years past.  Just like having an eight-week-old newborn baby might change things up, having our eight-week-old-four-year-old has changed things up a bit, but it’s good.  Really good.  She’s hearing that Jesus rose… Read More


How did this precious little guy hit such a milestone so quickly?? FIVE??? That’s ALL of the fingers + the thumb on a hand. It’s a big deal. Happy birthday to you, our little Hurricane Brady. You light up a room like… Read More

our four-week update… {thank you, China}

Yesterday marked the 4th week of having Julianne with us.  It was the day we traveled to an office building, somewhere in the middle of Shanghai, China, and signed a bunch of papers. She was led into the room, and I couldn’t… Read More

disarming kindness

It’s time. The time has arrived to start making short outings a part of our days.  Maybe not EVERY day, but it has to happen.  Outings are needed, but they aren’t easy.  Often times, being in a new environment makes the rest… Read More

Photography Friday: the kitchen table

A couple of weeks ago I walked into my kitchen and saw the table looking a little like this. This is pretty typical.  There is rarely a table surface in our house that doesn’t have some sort of project spread all over… Read More


Sometimes, I dream. Most of those dreams are “normal”,  as in, I can think back to what happened the day before and understand how my subconscious came up with the hodgepodge that occurred in my mind while I slept. Other times, I… Read More