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Fasting: Week Three (final week!)

Day 15:    The highlight of the day was probably going to Life Group.  I love meeting with this group of people!  Praying for our Life Group has been something that Matt and I chose to focus on as a priority during… Read More

the love game

People say that it takes 30 days to change a habit.  I think that’s incorrect.  Over the course of the past three weeks I’ve learned that  if you throw a little bit of God in the mix, it can take far less… Read More

Fasting: Week Two

I explained the purpose behind the fasting, length, what I’m fasting from, as well as the first 7 days HERE. Day 8:   I accidentally put sugar in my coffee this morning.  Actually dumped it out & poured a new cup.  Yup,… Read More

Fasting: Week One

On January 2nd I started a 21 day fasting time with our church.  The point of it all was to focus on specific prayer priorities, and the fasting was meant to be a constant reminder to seek the Lord. Our church did… Read More