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If I could hashtag my thoughts right now, this is what it would be. We are quickly approaching the our One Year mark with Julianne, and I can’t help but reminisce a bit  a lot. I find myself thinking about what her… Read More

It’s not my party {so I’ll cry}

I’m torn, y’all. Torn between the past I know my daughter has, and wanting to pretend that the past doesn’t exist in that way.  It’s a tough thing for a girl who loves history; I majored in it and taught it… it’s… Read More

growing and *cough cough* stretching

I’m a bit of a loner when it comes to feeling poorly.  I’ve never been one of those people who liked having someone holding my hair back when I puked, you know?  Just let me get over this.  On my own. Julianne… Read More

Julianne {four months home}

Today is the day we celebrate FOUR months home with our girl!  It seems like no time at all, and also a really long time, you know what I mean? At four months home, Julianne, you can understand much of what we… Read More