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Photography Friday: SeaWorld!

Went to SeaWorld with my daughter’s class this week.  We loved it, and I look forward to being able to take all of my littles one day!     I may have to try to convince the hubs to invest in season passes this year… 🙂    

a different kind of Halloween

Well, it’s over. Every year I’ve always breathed a huge sigh of relief on November 1st because, well, October 31st is over. 🙂 As per my previous posts, this year we decided to do things differently.  And, different it was. Not just for us, but I think for a bunch of people that came by… …

a lovely shower

Last Friday night I went to what will most likely be the last baby shower ever given in my honor.  As it was the last, the friends throwing the event went with a different sort of idea… a couple’s baby shower.  Yes, I know it seems very unconventional, I think the concept of couple’s wedding …