Tag: God’s faithfulness

when the unexpected is good

Sometimes you wake up to see the sun rise and are met with darkness, clouds, a downpour of rain off in the distance.  Unexpected.  Sure, it’s not what I rubbed sleep out of my eyes to see, but the downpour left me… Read More

new perspective

You look at me and tell me I’m awesome. I look at you and tell you “awesome” means nothing in the face of the kind of tired I feel many days. *** You see me dealing with medical care, appointments, and therapies… Read More

“what if”

I’m not normally a “what-if-er”.  I know the type because I have been the type. Over time I’ve realized that what-if-ing is just a BIG. FAT. WASTE. OF. TIME. And then, our adoption process began. And our home-building process began. AND we… Read More

a time & a season (part IV of IV)

Oh my friends.  It’s time.  Time to post about the impending arrival of a new little one in our family. I will be careful in writing this, and probably sit with it a few days to make sure I’ve communicated everything clearly…. Read More

dusting in the dark

Last night I dusted my TV stand.  Now, this piece of furniture is dark wood, and so I usually dust it at least twice a week.  Seems like every dust particle just stands out. Added to this is the fact that as… Read More

twins by surprise! OR God’s timing is always perfect!

***Warning… I wrote this when I was super excited.  Like, GIDDY excited.  So, if I ramble, I apologize. 🙂  *** Just to calm the nerves of anyone who read this and thought I might actually be BIRTHING twins… no.  No, I am… Read More

perfect timing

This week, I had the opportunity to organize our office closet. Yes, I said “opportunity”. You see, I actually like organizing closets and stuff. Really, I LOVE it. It’s true. As I was sorting through piles of things that had managed to… Read More

good triumphs

Last night Rachel told Matt, and then me, about a dream she had.  Far from rainbows and unicorns, it was disturbing, but turned out to be an excellent opportunity to talk about the goodness of God. She said that she dreamed two… Read More