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undone yet again

There are some nights when all I can do is sit outside your room and listen to the keening sounds of grief. The years of neglect show strong as you push away our attempts to console. I’m not even completely sure I… Read More

simple gratitude

I had a different post ready for today… but when I woke up and saw that more heartbreak  had been heaped onto a nation already reeling from injustices committed, well, things changed.  My typed words will always seem inadequate to me when… Read More


“I was mad at you when I was in China”, she tells me in a tear-choked voice using all of the English words she has picked up over the course of almost nine months.  They don’t quite manage to convey the same… Read More

first day of PRESCHOOL!!

Today is a big day, y’all. This little peanut?  She is officially a PRESCHOOLER!! To Julianne’s China-mama, should you ever wonder… this baby girl is doing so well.  During these big “firsts” for her,  I always feel a twinge of loss layered… Read More

Protected: pink shoes & cake

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.