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what to do, what to do…

This past year we’ve been doing an homeschooling experiement.  My daughter, who is 4, has been working on a K-4 curriculum.  In addition, we jumped in to a homeschool co-op that meets once a week.  When we began this adventure, Matt and… Read More

I see, I see!!!

So, I think I mentioned a while back that I wanted to switch our homeschool math curriculum.  I like A Beka for so many reasons; their math curriculum is not one of them. 🙂 After much research, and extensive emailing/ facebooking/ phone-conversation-ing,… Read More

here we go!

Today was our “official” first day of K-4 homeschool.  Annnnd, it was pretty good.  The homeschool part didn’t really take that long.  The curriculum we’re using (Abeka) starts out slow, and then builds up.  Example:  this week we do phonics only.  Then… Read More

already Wednesday?

I can hardly believe that Wednesday has already come this week!  While I do feel as if I’ve been fairly productive,  I also feel as if I have so much more to do!  I suppose it doesn’t ALL have to be accomplished… Read More

teaching reading at home

This summer I’m working on some of the readiness skills for K-4.  We’re cutting shapes, lines, zig-zag lines, curvy lines… We’re coloring, we’re counting, we’re gluing, we’re (gulp) reading. I’ve always had an intense fear of teaching my children to read.  Of… Read More

pregnancy & homeschooling

August started out with a bang for us and homeschooling.  Although we are just in the preschool phase of things, I was joyfully planning crafts and activities to coordinate with books we were reading to my hearts content. Then, the second half… Read More

rainbow fish

We’re full swing into the letter F this week.  Letter E got no love from me… I mean, I know it’s an important letter and all, but it was not super-easy to find preschool appropriate activites that weren’t Easter related.  Since it… Read More

d is for dinosaur

I realized this morning that I never uploaded my d-week lesson plan.  Oh well.  Today was “d is for dinosaur” day.  We started off as usual doing the Bible verse (Delight yourself in the Lord… Ps 37:4).  Had an excellent opportunity to… Read More

the butterflies are FREEEEE!!!

Today was “release day” for our beautiful painted lady butterflies.  We’ve watched them grow from tiny caterpillars, into big, nasty caterpillars, then change into chrysalids, and finally butterflies.  We kept them for about a week just to watch and observe, but I… Read More

two things… and that’s it

Today is jam-packed full of things that need to be accomplished. The short list?  Laundry, dishes, homeschool, grocery shopping, question writing… seriously, that is the short list. BUT, I wanted to make note of two things. First, rest in peace, dear butterfly. … Read More