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homeschool + coffee

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the portability aspect! A little math & hot chocolate for her, a little reading & coffee for me. ❤️

homeschool day 11 (my assessment of the first few days)

Many of the folks who have been with this blog for a while know that this year, we decided to homeschool our oldest child.  So, during the day, the boys go to the Christian school we love, and she does her schooling… Read More

Photograpy Friday

This week. Wow.  Can’t believe it’s Friday. First week back to school, which included a LOT of changes! My littlest is off to K4 this year.  We didn’t K4 outside of the home at all with the oldest, and with the middle… Read More

the not so cryptic answer (part II of IV)

My last post I indicated that there were lots of things going on in our family. Three big ones, to be exact, and I only let you in the know with one of them… our choice to homeschool our daughter next year… Read More

winds of change, they are a-blowin’!

Ohhhh… y’all. If ONLY I had a week to write everything that is on my heart right now! If ONLY you had a week to read everything I would write! Sadly, the week in question does not exist for either of us,… Read More