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makes it all a little better when…

I still feel completely miserable.  Head hurting?  Check.  Annoyingly nasty cough?  Check.  Eardrum throbbing?   Check.  HOWEVER… as I was taking a moment to relax (yes, I have been somewhat productive regardless of the condition of my poor, painful head!), it was all… Read More

the pressure is killing me

I generally try to not be a whiny-baby sort of person.  I realize that while there are negative things that happen in life (sometimes, very negative), all in all, I’m blessed.  HOWEVER… today is a change from the norm.  I’m going to… Read More

so now I’m immune, right?

Lack of blogging as of late totally due to lack of energy.  We’ve had the flu run through our house here, starting last Wednesday.  The two-year-old popped a fever that afternoon, that only continued to rise.  A trip to the urgi-care revealed… Read More

more of “I didn’t think it could happen to us”

The first time something happened that I thought only happened to “other people”, it was devastating.  I’m hoping this one isn’t the same. Found out today that my dear, sweet Grandaddy has a brain tumor (beneign), evidence of 3-4 small strokes in… Read More

taking more precautions

Well, it’s officially happened.  The swine flu has taken its first Texan, and I believe, first American (at least on record).  The victim was a 23 month old toddler… which just hits a leeeettle bit too close to home for me.  I… Read More

trapped by the swine flu…

A couple of days ago we started hearing about the “swine flu” that was causing Mexico so many problems.  As is the norm, the news was not widely reported until cases started to pop up in the United States and other more… Read More

Thanksgiving drama

Every Thanksgiving (in my recollection of 12 years with the family, there’s only been one exception)  my husband’s family has a big gathering at his parents house and we all eat, play games, and visit.  It’s fun times.  This year was very promising. … Read More