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happy! {the Chinese New Year post}

Last year, Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) fell on February 19th.  We arrived home on the 5th.  Needless to say, our minds were far from a celebratory mode; we were more in, “please let this child fall asleep in less… Read More

Protected: pink shoes & cake

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

all the things + ___________

When we were preparing for our adoption, our agency had us go through a good bit of training and education.  Seemed like it took an eternity to complete all of it, but it was good.  As with most things, the paper-ready person… Read More

obviously, I’m a history nerd

1920’s – The Roaring Twenties A time of economic boom, people living life to the fullest, most completely unaware of what is to come. 1930’s – The Great Depression The shiny bubble of false security pops.  Devastation.  Loss.  Pain. 1940’s – World… Read More

Protected: capsized

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what to bring? {I have no idea what I’m doing but I hope I’m ready}

Update:  The things we brought helped us make it through our China trip, but I didn’t bring enough!  I ended up making some stuff work I found in a Chinese pharmacy!  The people there were super helpful.  Since have Miss J, we… Read More

when it rains…

When it rains, IT POURS! We found out today that our paperwork went from “Reviewed” to “Match Reviewed” today!  24 hours, y’all! We expected it to be less time than the Review wait, but that wait was 76 days long!  I had… Read More


Sometimes, I dream. Most of those dreams are “normal”,  as in, I can think back to what happened the day before and understand how my subconscious came up with the hodgepodge that occurred in my mind while I slept. Other times, I… Read More

Why International? Why China?

In the past 51 days, we’ve had a number of responses from people when they find out that we are adopting. Most folks are really excited.  Some are surprised.  Some react in ways I wouldn’t have foreseen. Yes, there are those people…… Read More


Yeah.  I did just use a hash tag as the title of this post. #nothisisnotajoke 🙂 Enough of that though… When we went started our adoption process (50 days ago… but who’s counting?), I wanted to try to be as transparent and… Read More