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Showers of Blessings!

I feel like there are so many good things going on in my life right now, I’m not sure where to start!  Here’s the short list: 1.  Rachel LOVES Kindergarten! She came out of her first day yesterday jabbering about everything she… Read More

my theme song…

This song makes me laugh out loud (’cause it’s SO me!!!) and also make me stop and think… Happy Friday to you all!!! 🙂

DIY doubts

I am a do-it-yourself wanna be. I WANT to be super creative and crafty, and deep down, I think I am. My problem lies in the “DO” part of DIY.  And I think that stems from a lack of confidence. 🙂 Example:… Read More

kinder angst

I received an email yesterday from the mother of one of the kids that will be in Rachel’s kindergarten class.  She wanted to find out if there was any interest in having the kids get together for a playdate before school started…. Read More

getting an earful

I know I should probably write a sappy Father’s Day tribute.  Maybe later.  Instead, I’m going to write about what I can’t get off of my mind. My otoscope. “My WHAT?”, you ask. Otoscope. You know, the little tool doctors use to… Read More

flying lessons!!!

This afternoon I went to check on the cardinal babies, and found just one, sitting on the edge of the nest! I had the good fortune of checking up on them right at the start of this little birds first flying lesson…. Read More

angry birds!

                                                                                 I have heard… Read More

simpler IS better

I am in a simplifying time of life. Just like kids playing with the box (see previous post),  there has been a lot going on that has shown me that I am in need of some simplification. Here are the top two… Read More

real friends & FB friends

Last week, a girl I am an acquaintance of decided to log out of facebook for a while.  Her reasoning was that if people really cared about her, or what’s going on with her, they could call or email to talk to… Read More

bad mommy

I think I’m due for a date night sans kids. They are driving me a little batty lately; the endless questions, sibling rivalry, and need for care is just overwhelming me right now. I think I’m texting our babysitter… either that, or… Read More