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does this count as a “pet peeve”???

really??? In case you can’t see it clearly,  the box says, “insert thumb & lift to open”. Have these instructions EVER worked for me?  Nope. Have they worked for you??? 🙂 It’s not just this particular box & brand… it’s ALL boxes… Read More

I have never truly understood “bittersweet” until today…

It is 6:15 in the morning on a Saturday, and I am wide awake.  In fact, ever since about 3:15 I have had trouble sleeping.  My mind keeps jumping back and forth between thoughts of what still needs to be done for… Read More

house rules

We have a house rule regarding shoes.  Don’t wear them in the house. It started when we lived in our old house, which had considerably more carpet than our current house.  When we started to discover the extent of my middle child’s… Read More

Protected: the new normal

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

no soliciting, please.

About a week ago, I was abruptly awakened from the bliss of almost-sleep during afternoon naptime.  All three of my children were miraculously sleeping at the same time, and I chose to do the same.  🙂 Right as I was about to… Read More

three is enough

How do I know three children is enough for me? Today we went to the zoo.  I allowed Eli to wear a “new to him” pair of faux Crocs.  Big mistake.  The fakies always give his skinny, bony feet blisters.  About 25… Read More

and the prize goes to…

ME! (for not going completely stark-raving-mad this week… 🙂  ) It has been forever since I’ve blogged, or maybe it just seems that way.  This week, really, the past 2 weeks or so, have been insanely insane.  Quick recap (since that’s all… Read More

I just love them!

Have to have a moment when I record exactly how much I love my babies!  Today we went to our make-up swimming lesson.  Rachel and Eli were in the pool… and their personalities were really shining through. 🙂 Rachel was the daredevil. … Read More

oh, to be “status quo”

Last night two other ladies and I were talking, and after myself and one of the others had mentioned what was going on with us lately, we inquired as to what was going on with the third.  Her response was, “not much,… Read More

Day Three

We are building another house.  Yep.  Seems a little crazy to us too.  The house we are currently in was a custom build.  We could mess with the floorplan/blueprint, and add or change things as it was built.  This new house is… Read More