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knock knock…

Alrighty. So, many people realize that Matt and I are avid “The Office” watchers.  It’s so stinkin’ funny.  Well, if you watch (which, from my 3 faithful readers, would only be Phil), you will clearly remember the episdode from 2 weeks ago,… Read More

just sayin’

So, we DVR-ed Dumbo for the kids to watch.  I watched it too, and totally had forgotten about the part where Dumbo, the baby elephant, and his buddy, the mouse, get totally smashed and start hallucinating pink elephants.  (granted, it was by… Read More

who knew?

Who knew that yoga flow could make one so sore the next day?  This just proves how out of shape I am.  Ouch! And, took Eli to the pediatrician yesterday.  Symptoms:  thick, green snot for 2 weeks.  I started him on Zyrtec… Read More

a treatise

Okay.  So this actually isn’t a “treatise” on anything.  I just felt like using the word.  The last time I read anything with that word in the title was in high school.  I wanted to take a nap after about 1 paragraph. … Read More

the joys of doing a service project with kids

This year, my little girl, Rachel, will turn exactly 2 1/2 on Christmas Eve.  She’s beginning to understand a lot more, so we made a decision that this year we would focus with her more on what Christmas is actually about.  Not… Read More