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What Does Life with EB Look Like?

What does life with EB look like? It looks like swinging on swings at the park. Epidermolysis Bullosa is a genetic connective tissue disorder. There are many types and sub-types, each affecting the individual in different ways. Regardless of type or sub-type,… Read More

Pinterest ruined my Valentine’s Day… okay, not really, but I’m feeling dramatic.

Pinterest.  I joined a few months ago before it became the insane craze  popular past time that it has recently grown into (at least, in my circle of Facebook friends who constantly post when they have pinned something new). I joined because… Read More

“climbing out of the crib” OR… “a one-way trip to Crazy-town”

Toot toot!!!  Allllll aboard! I have known for a while that my life is a bit of a crazy train.  We go here, we go there, and we always go crazy.  Life with three kids has been one of the most unexpectedly… Read More

Week in Review: new job, new school, and a root canal.

For me, this has been a super long break from blogging.  There have been times this week when I have desperately wanted to sit down and record my thoughts, but I just have not been able to.   So, without further ado…… Read More

more babies for us!!!

Just not the human variety… 🙂 Can you see them in there, the tiny little cardinal chicks???  I counted 2, and they are the cutest little ugly things you have ever seen. This nest is in a tiny little tree in our… Read More