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*nearly* wordless Wednesday

Because, I’m not very good at “wordless”… I snapped this pic, because these moments are the ones I need to imprint on my mind… These two.  They are buddies. Sometimes. Other times?  They are mortal enemies. So when they sit together, and… Read More

May 14th, 14 weeks home {attachment and bonding so far}

Normally, Mondays are a little rough here.  The excitement of church on Sunday for Julianne tends to result in some recovery time every Monday.  She LOVES going to her class and playing with her friends on Sundays, but the getting-out-of-routine does tend… Read More


Today is my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary! I’ve seen these people come through some seriously tough things in these 33 years.  Really really tough things.  But they’ve always leaned on each other and the Lord, and are still going strong.  Maybe even… Read More


Aunt Kate… this is especially for you!  Finally figured out how to make this work.  Okay, the WordPress folks helped me realize how to make this work.  Potato, Pah-ta-toe. 😉  

Jesus & Hello Kitty

I recently returned from my third trip to Reynosa, Mexico.  I went as a part of a church group that had two goals. One:  build two houses for families in need. Two:  share the love of Jesus. Both goals were achieved. The… Read More

Guest Post: November the 5th

For the first time ever, I’m posting something I haven’t written myself!  A friend of mine recently saw to completion one of the most heartbreakingly joyful years of her life… and when I read what she wrote about it, I knew it… Read More

Reynosa reflections

Yesterday my daughter and I returned from a mission trip with our church.  We were in Reynosa, Mexico, right across the border from McAllen, TX.  The area we worked in is actually between the levee built up to protect Reynosa from Rio… Read More

Reply with love

Ever had anyone do something, or say something to you that really just hurt?  Please.  If you haven’t, then, really, you need to remove yourself from the bubble you live in.  We all have.  It’s just part of human nature.  Sometimes the… Read More