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what’s in a name?

WE.                 HAVE. A. NAME!!!!! And yes, I do think that statement is worthy of all caps.  I do. 🙂 Matt and I have been discussing (even before we started paperwork) our list of potential… Read More

large box = joy

This year for Mother’s Day, I requested that we purchase a cafe set for our patio.  We don’t have a large space, so the 2 chairs and small table works perfectly. Little did I know that the box that the set came… Read More

the polite sick child

Last night there was a big series of storms that marched through our area.  It was kind of cool ’cause I could hear the thunder way off in the distance, then the wind started to blow, then there was lightening… and then… Read More

the ickies, a time out, and my new obsession.

We are (as a family) finally overcoming the “ickies”.  Starting Christmas Day, we all started to feel a little yuck.  Which turned quickly into very yuck.  It all has to do with the treacherous Texas mountain cedar season.  Oh yeah, serious allergies… Read More


Okay, so I know this is my second post of the day, but really, the other one was just an update… so… I have crazy dreams.  And, frequently do not remember them unless someone says something that triggers my overloaded brain.  However,… Read More