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You Don’t Miss A Thing

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. It’s a long one, but I love it. These days are so good, and so full of promise, but they are back-breaking, patience-testing, full-to-the-brim days.  I crash exhausted every evening.  Even so, I… Read More


Downloaded the ABC Starfall app on the iPad for Miss J to play with.  Like everything else, she is picking up on things so quickly, especially when they are set to music!  Cannot believe she’s only been exposed to the English language… Read More


I am making this the theme song for our adoption process. I love love love the way is speaks to what my heart NEEDS to hear, the way it describes where we have been, and where we will go, the way it… Read More

You Make Me Brave

I recently downloaded the You Make Me Brave album… and there are a few songs that I’m really loving right now. My very favorite isn’t available on Youtube yet… but trust me, once it is, I will be posting it! This one… Read More

peace in the valley

Yesterday after I spent some time in the Word, my kids were still sleeping so I decided to listen to some worship music. Our church actually just hired a new worship leader, and so I opened up the songs I had downloaded… Read More

post-church musings…

I think I need to begin by being honest with myself.  Spiritually speaking, this has been a bit of a down week for me.  I have found myself preoccupied with other people’s concerns and business, I have filled my time with mindless… Read More