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simple gratitude

I had a different post ready for today… but when I woke up and saw that more heartbreak  had been heaped onto a nation already reeling from injustices committed, well, things changed.  My typed words will always seem inadequate to me when… Read More

every little thing

Like many, I sat outside for a while last night and watched as the “super” moon lunar eclipse.  In my neck of the woods it was not a clear night; there really wasn’t anything “super” about the moon itself.  The eclipse, though,… Read More

from the top of the hill

Wednesday.  Middle of the week.  Feels like I’ve trudged up the hill to this point, and now I can look down toward Friday and breathe a sigh of relief. Not every day is good. Not every day is hard. But every day… Read More

This is what happens when you iron your kids’ clothes.

So much rambling around in my head today.  So hear goes one of the most disjointed posts I have ever written. Disjointed… and not disjointed. Lots going on. But all one Mover.  And all working for my good. *** I really love… Read More

Why International? Why China?

In the past 51 days, we’ve had a number of responses from people when they find out that we are adopting. Most folks are really excited.  Some are surprised.  Some react in ways I wouldn’t have foreseen. Yes, there are those people…… Read More


I will warn you that this is my thoughts while sitting in my flowered chair after trying to watch the news.  There are no citations given, but if you want them, just let me know & I can send them along.  This… Read More