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When what you think you want under the tree is a tranquilizer gun…

You don’t. I promise. I know this because I recently thought to myself, “maybe I should ask for a tranquilizer gun for Christmas…”  Not a BIG one.  Just a tiny little thing.  But enough to knock out maybe let’s say, someone in… Read More

a gift for myself

It has been 21 days since last you heard from me!  It’s a little difficult to believe that so much time has gone by; it really feels like much less time than that. In these past 21 days, lots has happened. Julianne… Read More

May 14th, 14 weeks home {attachment and bonding so far}

Normally, Mondays are a little rough here.  The excitement of church on Sunday for Julianne tends to result in some recovery time every Monday.  She LOVES going to her class and playing with her friends on Sundays, but the getting-out-of-routine does tend… Read More