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lavender jade

“The lavender is more rare,” he told me in the crowded marketplace teeming with voices and noises completely different from those I was accustomed to at home.  I glanced down at the little face, the rare butterfly who flitted into my life… Read More

who/what is more spoiled?

Me??? OR all of the food in my now broken refridgerator?  I’m going to go with…. both. So, Tuesday night my observant husband noticed that the fridge/freezer (we have the side-by-side style) was making a strange “whiiiirrrr-click” noise.  Didn’t have time to… Read More

When the Nile Runs Red (book review)

Last night at book club, we discussed the DiAnn Mills book, When the Nile Runs Red.  The story is set in war-torn Sudan, Africa.  The three main characters are Larson Farid, a doctor, Paul Farid, a Christian convert from Islam who works… Read More

must i make a new year’s resolution?

Ahhh… New Year’s Eve, 2008.  A time to look back at what has been good and bad over the past year, and make decisions about what you want to change in the coming year.  Do I have to?  It’s not that I’m… Read More