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10 weeks HOME: a great day

Yesterday was rough.  There are not words enough to describe the stress, the emotion, and the anxiety from yesterday.  We are still learning about this precious girl of ours, and one of the things we’ve learned is that new experiences are really… Read More

video scrapbook!

Last spring… timid and barely speaking… Last summer… running around but still not speaking much… Now…  Blowing bubbles and declaring, “Aha!  Take THAT!” (A phrase she clearly picked up from her brothers!)  Umm, and also, no one else can pull off a… Read More

Easter: 8 weeks home.

This year our Easter looks much more low-key than in years past.  Just like having an eight-week-old newborn baby might change things up, having our eight-week-old-four-year-old has changed things up a bit, but it’s good.  Really good.  She’s hearing that Jesus rose… Read More

to all of it… YES!

The first month home with Julianne was so very difficult. Here is my daughter.  Who doesn’t yet fully feel like my daughter. But she IS!  And here are my other children, who are also struggling with all of this change.  And how… Read More


We celebrated a 5th birthday in the house last week, but this week it’s a 4th birthday! Our newest, and littlest, Miss JJ turned 4 today. Since she saw the whole birthday hullabaloo happen last week, she wasn’t surprised by the decorations… Read More

good gifts

Ever read The Five Love Languages? Years ago, when Matt and I were engaged, I read this book.  And, it made total sense.  All people show and receive love in different ways.  Some people love it when their main squeeze holds their… Read More