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my hope

Election Day! I actually voted about a week ago, but today I’m feeling the Election Day nerves set in.  Like I posted on a friend’s Facebook status earlier, I have always wanted “my” candidate to win, but this year I feel more… Read More

a week to remember

This week will be a week to remember.  First, Eli (my middle baby) has run out of Pull.Ups.  Last night was his last.  Since he has been staying completely dry for a while now, Matt and I have decided to not purchase any… Read More

t.m.i., maybe?

Okay, so this might be a little too much information for anyone… but I had to say it: Today, my barely potty trained two-year old needed to go… bad.  We were in the car.  Yeah, you know where this is headed. We… Read More

she’s still dry!

Ahh, motherhood.  The joys, the heartaches.  The ups, the downs.  The diapers… THE UNDERWEAR!!!  Yes, it seems that we have finally accomplished the unthinkable.  We have potty trained a child!  Definitely something to add to my resume.  I can see it now:… Read More

the battle of the wills

My mom always told me when I had kids I’d have to pick my battles.  And, it’s true.  I don’t fight over “cleaning you plate” at meals, nor do I argue if my sweet child wants to wear her tutu and tiara… Read More

who knew poop was so exciting?

We have recently been trying to potty train our almost 2 and a half year old daughter.  It definitely ebbs and flows, some weeks are good, others she claims “it’s not working”.  She has been pretty good about making poop in the… Read More