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Guest Post: November the 5th

For the first time ever, I’m posting something I haven’t written myself!  A friend of mine recently saw to completion one of the most heartbreakingly joyful years of her life… and when I read what she wrote about it, I knew it… Read More

holy moly!

48 hours from right now I should be holding a baby!  CRAZY!!! And thus ends what will probably be my shortest post ever. 🙂

this time, this day, next week…

We will have a baby! 🙂 So happy to know that this time next Friday we should be holding our precious 3rd miracle in our arms.  I’m soooo ready to meet the little person! Unless, of course, he/she would like to be… Read More

my prediction is…

Well, ultimately, I don’t know.  But, if I had to predict when sweet baby number 3 will arrive, I’d say:  early. Reasoning: My first two children were late/on time.  Rachel was a week late, and even with my water breaking on its… Read More

unproductive productivity

Last week I was very productive, and yet also extremely unproductive.  This whole pregnancy nesting syndrome has hit full force.  I’m getting some random things accomplished (like oiling my wood cabinets with orange oil), and yet other basic things that I never… Read More

pregnancy & homeschooling

August started out with a bang for us and homeschooling.  Although we are just in the preschool phase of things, I was joyfully planning crafts and activities to coordinate with books we were reading to my hearts content. Then, the second half… Read More

17 weeks

Today is my “change day”.  That’s what I refer to as the day when you switch from being one week pregnant to the next.  So, today, I’m 17 weeks pregnant.  My due date is 23 weeks away! Anyways, I’m not going to… Read More

makes it all a little better when…

I still feel completely miserable.  Head hurting?  Check.  Annoyingly nasty cough?  Check.  Eardrum throbbing?   Check.  HOWEVER… as I was taking a moment to relax (yes, I have been somewhat productive regardless of the condition of my poor, painful head!), it was all… Read More

shopping, tired, & hungry

We went to a home improvement store today.  Matt’s off, and this weekend’s “projects” revolve around finishing/working on Eli’s room conversion from baby nursery to big boy room.  This weekend, the goal is to do a little painting, and perhaps start on a… Read More

The “How to Deal with a Pregnant Lady” Handbook; Chapter Three: “Did you Smell That?”

One day, a few weeks ago, my husband made our typical Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns… the whole deal.  YUM.  I love big family breakfasts… Everything was good until later in the day.  We had gone out to… Read More