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lunch date

This guy and I got to hang out for a while today. He said, “I love it when it’s just the two of us, mama.” It’s rare, and I love it, too.  We started our date with an eye exam. Turns out… Read More

Wordless Wednesday: take me out to the ballgame

I cannot make this stuff up… Part 2

Here are the next 5  (actually 6) crazy things that have been heard around the house.  For the first five, click here. This set actually ended up being all Brady-isms.  Age 3 has been a good year for random funnies from him!… Read More

prayer & other awesome things

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Word of God?  How, when I most need it, a verse I’ve read over and over will suddenly pop out and speak to me right where I am, right when I need it…. Read More

Just a little gatorade. Spiritual gatorade, that is.

Where have I been??? Livin’ life, friends.  Just livin’ life. Being a Room Mom to my daughter’s first grade class, making sure all the little finger nails & toe nails stay trimmed in the house, making dinners (or choosing where we will… Read More