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double digit fun!

There is no possible way I am about to type this. My fingers are rebelling. My heart is squeezed a little tight. My mind doesn’t want to accept it… But it’s true. My oldest?  She woke up as a ten-year-old this morning!… Read More

be weird.

I bet if I looked back and found any blogs posted during the last week of school, they would contain similar themes… Excitement about the impending summer vacation and the freedom to step back from the scheduled existence we live during the… Read More

Baseball. Blogging. Bravery.

This week has been a whirlwind.  So many things happening at once, events I don’t want to forget.  So a brief post, mainly because I seriously won’t remember some of this later on.  This is for real.  My memory is SO BAD…. Read More

A Control Freak and Her Bucket List

I shared this over at No Hands But Ours last weekend… ahh…last weekend I was at the Created for Care retreat and the control freak in me got to take a break for a little while and just breathe. One week back… Read More

Decrease in dinnertime whining… courtesy of the Weekly Menu.

I don’t have very many “mom hacks” to offer the world.  In fact, I often tend to make things more difficult than they need to be or should be. I dunno why. It’s just how I roll. So yeah… it’s quite possible… Read More

growing and *cough cough* stretching

I’m a bit of a loner when it comes to feeling poorly.  I’ve never been one of those people who liked having someone holding my hair back when I puked, you know?  Just let me get over this.  On my own. Julianne… Read More

rupture and repair

“Rupture and Repair” It’s how some in the adoption world describe situations that go south for whatever reason.  In some cases, it’s the child who is trying to understand the boundaries that are set, and whether or not we as the parents… Read More

filling the love tank

What is it that people say when they’re sorry but not really sorry about something? That’s what I am. Sorry for the back-to-back posts. Not sorry at all because it’s cuteness that MUST be recorded. Another great day?  Yes.  That is what… Read More

10 weeks HOME: a great day

Yesterday was rough.  There are not words enough to describe the stress, the emotion, and the anxiety from yesterday.  We are still learning about this precious girl of ours, and one of the things we’ve learned is that new experiences are really… Read More

fruitful {how to deal with the EB questions}

When we’re out with Julianne, she draws people’s attention.  This is inevitable, and we were aware that this would be the case for our family.  We have a beautiful family… but the fact that Julianne looks different from the other children doesn’t… Read More