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real friends & FB friends

Last week, a girl I am an acquaintance of decided to log out of facebook for a while.  Her reasoning was that if people really cared about her, or what’s going on with her, they could call or email to talk to… Read More

the good and the bad

The Good:  yesterday I invested in a family pass to our local zoo.  It’s pretty nice, but not something I enjoy paying for every time out of pocket.  The kids can only take about 2 hours of it before they start whining…… Read More

January 11th, and I am…

* thinking “O my, my 30th birthday is officially less than a month away” * sad to hear news that a high school friend’s little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor * wishing that it was closer to March 3rd than… Read More

the pressure is killing me

I generally try to not be a whiny-baby sort of person.  I realize that while there are negative things that happen in life (sometimes, very negative), all in all, I’m blessed.  HOWEVER… today is a change from the norm.  I’m going to… Read More

i can’t turn right!

So, Matt is out on the lawn mower, which for us, on our 2 acres, generally is a day-long process for him.  Between mowing, trimming etc… it just takes a while.  So, anyways, I have a Pampered Chef party to do tonight,… Read More

rain, rain, go away…

I am fully aware that since I live in South Central Texas… and area currently in the midst of a really bad drought… I should be thankful for the rain.  And don’t get me wrong.  I am.  Really, truly am. HOWEVER… Rain… Read More


Day two of Spring Cleaning Week is here.  Yesterday I finished things off by having Matt take the CR-V to a vacuum place and suck all of the crusted, crushed crackers and cheerios out of the floorboards.  Looks pretty darn good today. … Read More


Yesterday was a weird day.  I just felt reallyreallyreally disconnected.  Like, I didn’t know what was going on anywhere outside of the walls of my house.  Oh yeah, I was.  Agggghhhh!!! So, the service that does our phone/internet sent out a polite… Read More

yes, my feet are still attached, but barely.

Tonight I decided to give myself a little home pedicure.  It’s hard to get out and do that these days, and what with the economy being in the tank and all, I think maybe wise to save the $30 it would cost… Read More