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my annual Halloween post… and it’s not what you would expect!

It’s no secret that Halloween is not my favorite.  I’ve spent many hours of lung power talking about my dislike of Halloween.  Two years ago, I blogged about Halloween here. Last year, we decided to change it up, and it was a raging… Read More


Today I’m going to talk a bit about the Chosen Marathon for Adoption! Adoption is not a cheap venture.  We knew this going in to our adoption, and finances is part of why we waited until we did to start our process…. Read More

bucket lists, bad knees & better goals

Almost a year ago, I wrote this post entitled “Bucket Lists & Bad Knees”. To complete that post, I never got to participate in the race.  My knee was so hurt that whenever I tried even to walk long distances, it would… Read More

bucket lists & bad knees

Everyone has a list of things they’d “like” to be able to do.  I think if a survey was taken, most people do NOT accomplish much off of these bucket lists.  If their lives are anything like mine it’s because time flies… Read More