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what did I ever know before now?

Yesterday made me realize that there is never a wrong time to focus on gratitude.  So, that’s the plan for July!  Every post, every photograph… all focused on being thankful.  And what better timing?  July is here and the full-steam-ahead month of… Read More

be weird.

I bet if I looked back and found any blogs posted during the last week of school, they would contain similar themes… Excitement about the impending summer vacation and the freedom to step back from the scheduled existence we live during the… Read More

finding purpose {abide}

I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener… Another morning where I wake much earlier than I should have. But I couldn’t help it. My thoughts were taking me down a familiar path that has worn a deep groove… Read More

Created for Care {2016 thoughts}

It’s difficult to process something like the experience I had this weekend.  There are so many layers to it; peeling them off needs to be done gently and with care as to not disturb all that I want my less-than-stellar memory to… Read More


In my car this evening, and I was the only one.  This experience is a rare one;  to just be me.  No kids.  No noise. No chatter.  Nothing. JUST. ME. I rounded a curve in the road and gasped because the moon… Read More

This is what happens when you iron your kids’ clothes.

So much rambling around in my head today.  So hear goes one of the most disjointed posts I have ever written. Disjointed… and not disjointed. Lots going on. But all one Mover.  And all working for my good. *** I really love… Read More

peace in the valley

Yesterday after I spent some time in the Word, my kids were still sleeping so I decided to listen to some worship music. Our church actually just hired a new worship leader, and so I opened up the songs I had downloaded… Read More

Fasting: Week Two

I explained the purpose behind the fasting, length, what I’m fasting from, as well as the first 7 days HERE. Day 8:   I accidentally put sugar in my coffee this morning.  Actually dumped it out & poured a new cup.  Yup,… Read More

every good and perfect gift…

I don’t know how it happened, but over the course of the past year, my introverted side has taken over my social life.  For real.  Like, to the point that I tended to avoid social situations mainly comprised of fellow ladies; it… Read More

5:30am is not my friend, but I keep hanging out with it.

I consider myself to be a morning person.  Really, I do.  IF by “morning”, you mean, “after 7am”. Yes.  Definitely a morning person. I can even do 6-6:30 with ease. 5:30am, however, is not my friend.  I have never liked 5:30am before,… Read More