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exactly what I needed…

This morning I was having a difficult time focusing on my task at hand (because, after all, I AM a task oriented person…). Task?  My quiet time. I know, I know, completely WRONG way to think about spending time with God.  Completely…. Read More

My life through Colonia eyes…

Last night I returned from a trip across the border to a Colonia in Reynosa, Mexico.  Although I am sure there is absolutely ZERO chance I could ever communicate everything I want to, I’m at least going to try a bit… because… Read More

conviction vs. condemnation

One of the words that gets bandied about in Christian circles is “conviction”.   “I was convicted to do such-and-such”, “I was convicted to stop doing such-and-such”…  it’s a common term. How many, though, realize (or can adequately describe) the differences between… Read More

God made my resolution for me

This year, I did not make any “New Year’s” resolutions.  At the ripe ‘ol age of 30, I had determined that they were not only silly, but they were just not going to happen.  I had no idea at that time that… Read More

“season of life”

I have been a mother for four-and-a-half years.  Over the course of those years, I have become accustomed to hearing, and saying the phrase, “it’s just my season of life”.  I have referred to others (mainly when trying to comfort them!) that… Read More

an opportunity…

Went to Whole Foods today.  Had to pick up some laundry detergent, and that store is the only one nearby that carries the specific brand I use for washing cloth diapers. On the way there, stopped at a red light, and a… Read More

A Christian Response to Emotion

I am one emotional chick.  I cry easily in sappy movies, I flare up in anger at the drop of a hat (or spilled cup of juice…).  You name the emotion, I’ve probably felt it within the past week or so. This… Read More

it’s good that I can already see some good

Wow.  The best Wednesday of my life:  the Wednesday my son was born.  The worst Wednesday of my life, last Wednesday, April 29th.  On this particular Wednesday immediate  family (parents, siblings)  was shaken with some news that while not completely surprising, was still… Read More

My “Things I Don’t Want To Be” List

I have a bloggy friend, who also happens to be a friend “in real life”.  We went out to eat last night, just to chat, and catch up.  We talked about a lot of things, but, as the conversation usually does, things turned… Read More

crash and burn

Uggghhhh… another confession.  But, it’s necessary.  What is in the dark will stay in the dark… and then will be with me forever!  With that said… I’m still anxiously awaiting the call from my husband telling me he’s no more than 20 minutes… Read More