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what really matters

Lately, I have had  a really difficult time really getting into my quiet times with the Lord.  I mean, I’ve done it… but that’s it.  I haven’t really felt a desire to be doing it, it’s been mostly out of a sense… Read More

When the Nile Runs Red (book review)

Last night at book club, we discussed the DiAnn Mills book, When the Nile Runs Red.  The story is set in war-torn Sudan, Africa.  The three main characters are Larson Farid, a doctor, Paul Farid, a Christian convert from Islam who works… Read More

and the pendulum swings again…

It is completely natural for people to feel strongly about something, and then later not strongly about the same issue.  Or to really like something, and then later, maybe not like it so much.  According to C.S. Lewis in The Screwtape Letters,… Read More

I don’t want the rain today.

Today in church we sang a song, and in it there is a line that says “Jesus bring the rain”.  I could not sing it, because I did not feel like I could honestly say that I believed it today. First, let… Read More

The Initial Post

Warning:  the following is EXTREMELY random… no thought went into the layout or editing… Ha, I don’t have any aspirations of this newest idea of mine lasting for very long, ’cause, I do have a pretty hard time sticking to something like… Read More