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perfect timing

This week, I had the opportunity to organize our office closet. Yes, I said “opportunity”. You see, I actually like organizing closets and stuff. Really, I LOVE it. It’s true. As I was sorting through piles of things that had managed to… Read More

MPS Awareness Day

  May 15th is MPS Awareness Day.  For those of you who have never heard of this disease, you can read more by clicking on this link. I became aware of this disease last summer.  A lady I was in a Bible… Read More

condensing my thoughts…

Don’t ever believe that what you’ve been through in the past isn’t God’s way of preparing you for the present.  OR that what you’re going through right now isn’t God’s way of preparing you for the future. There’s always a reason.

so, it’s been a week now…

Well, it’s been a week since I returned from the Women’s Retreat.  Actually, as I glance at the clock, I realize it been almost exactly a week, to even the hour!  So, I suppose it’s time to start writing out some of… Read More

saw this quote…

Saw this quote on another blog I read…  really liked it… I think it’s so true! So, without further ado: “Why do people choose the substitute over God himself? Probably the most important reason is that it obviates accountability to God. We… Read More


I have often felt like I carry baggage around with me.  No, not a rolling suitcase-kind-of-baggage, emotional baggage.  You know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend you don’t.  So, in the study I’m doing right now, we had to look over a… Read More

a confession, and other random junk

I think I”ll save the confession for last. So, my Pampered Chef business is about to get started!  My kick off party is on Tuesday evening, and I have a small, yet respectable, amount of people coming.  I tried out the reciepe… Read More

my rock jar

I have seen it actually done before… the jar demonstration.  You may know the one I’m talking about. First, you get a big jar.  Then, put some large rocks in it.  It looks full, right? Then you put some smaller rocks in,… Read More

seeing better.

I was only supposed to prove my husband wrong.  oops. Full story: For a while, my sweet husband has been telling me in his oh-so-subtle-ways (read:  “you’re blind”)  that I need to get my eyes checked.  I thought he was ridiculous, but… Read More

hannah’s visitation

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to be attending the visitation for Hannah, the little 17 month old baby who died from complications of MPS I.  I went with 3 other ladies who were in the Bible study with me when… Read More