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going for gold {an end of summer post}

It’s single digits until the kids go back to school (not that I’m counting). It warms my heart to hear them talking about how they can’t wait to go back because, let’s be honest, I can’t wait for them to go back… Read More

don’t forget where we have come from

Our summer is moving along, lickety-split, and if I’m being honest, it’s actually been pretty good. This time last year, I could have not anticipated how much better this year would be. Last summer we were living in the the freshly-home-cocoon.  This… Read More

from the zoo…

It gets pretty hot.  But I’m thankful there are a few reasonable hours in the morning.  And for these… my people… who agree to the picture on the hippo every time we are here. ❤️

butterfly on the beach

We just got back from a little family vacation.  Didn’t go too far away, and have I ever mentioned how thankful I am to live within driving distance to the beach? I love the beach. And you know who else loves the… Read More

Photography Friday (on a Saturday)

I’ve been really good about sticking to my resolution to back off of social media this summer.  This week has been refreshing.  I played with the kids more.  I read more.  I took more pictures.  I scrapbooked.  I DID more.  Because I… Read More

be weird.

I bet if I looked back and found any blogs posted during the last week of school, they would contain similar themes… Excitement about the impending summer vacation and the freedom to step back from the scheduled existence we live during the… Read More


Last Friday, my son tripped, caught himself when he fell, and fractured his radius.  I knew immediately from the look of panicked pain on his face that something wasn’t right.  I had seen that look before, just two-and-a-half years earlier when his… Read More

a little bit butterfly, a little bit fish

Today was a first for our little spitfire.  We took her to the neighborhood pool, and well, she loved it! She loves bath time, so I wasn’t worried about her being afraid of the water.  We took it easy, letting Dad walk… Read More

save some sanity {a post about organizing}

I’m a fan of being organized.  I like order.  I like organized items to be pretty and usefully arranged.  I also like saving what sanity I can during these whirlwind days of summer when all the kids are home, and we need… Read More

a few gifts

Today I’m kinda grouchy.  I didn’t sleep super well. (It may have been the dream about trying to pet a baby deer that kept running away.  The deer turned into Julianne and I couldn’t hold her.) Or, it could be the heat… Read More